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Time-Saving Apartment Rental Software by Vivaresa

Apartment Rental Software by Vivaresa makes property management an easy task for owners, landlords and agencies.

Whether you have just one or two properties you rent out as a private individual or manage a rental company with responsibility for multiple premises, you’ll know that rentals aren’t as easy as those who’ve never done it would imagine.Time-Saving Apartment Rental Software by Vivaresa

First you need to find your customers, there’s lots of competition out there, especially for holiday rentals. A good marketing plan is essential and a well designed website is a must. It’s vital that your property stands out from the multitudes, that the site loads quickly, and that potential customers can find all the information.

Once you get as far as getting a customer interested there’ll be email enquiries to deal with. Sooner or later you’ll get your first confirmed booking, and a deposit paid as proof that you really are expecting your guests. You’ll want to update your calendar as soon as you get that confirmed booking. For one thing, if the calender is displayed on your website the fact that someone has booked, will make your property look more attractive to other potential guests. Secondly it will save you time as you won’t have to deal with enquires for a property that’s already occupied. Above all else you want to make sure that you don’t double book! Nothing is more embarrassing or harmful to your reputation, than accepting a booking and then having to cancel it. Vivaresa’s apartment rental software will make sure that everything is in order.
 they need easily. The thing you want as an owner who wants to save time is apartment rental software. You can easily try the demo of Vivaresa’s system for free. If you have anu questions you can contact us at 020 3746 1500.

Before your guests arrive you need to ensure that the property is ready to receive them. This is easy enough if you have one or two properties and live on the premises or close by. Apartment rental software is the type of product you want when you’re managing lots of places. It gets more difficult to keep track of who’s due where, when. Once your guests leave you’ll be hoping for feedback from them This should be displayed proudly on your website to show other potential customers how well you’ve looked after past guests and what a good time they had.

This might all sound like a lot to manage but there’s lots of help out there, some of it is free, some of it is just good value for money. Do a little hunting around and you should be able to find yourself a good software package for apartment rentals that will make your life a whole lot easier. The more you can centralise the tasks associate with your property management the less time you’ll spend organising things or even trying to work around those dreaded ‘incompatibility’ issues.

Vivaresa takes pride in developing a professional product. If you have any questions about it you can contact us at 020 3746 1500. From the website for advertising right to the feedback from departed guests – everything you need will be managed through Vivaresa’s apartment rental software.

Vivaresa's Apartment Rental Software Will Assist You With Letting Your Property

  • I switched to Vivaresa’s rentals management software in 2012 and have never looked back. I am not extremely technical, but even I managed to setup properly and use this online software with minimal help from Vivaresa’s team. I am very satisfied with it and have already recommended it to several of my friends.

    -Bethany Doherty

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