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Rental Property Management Software by Vivaresa

Rental Property Management Software is a very useful product for real estate owners, landlords, rental agencies or property owners as a whole.

Rental Property Management Software enhances client confidence.Rental Property Management Software

Property management can be a profitable business for individuals who are hardworking, adept at managing people, and possess sterling communication skills. It is also essential to implement best practices of the sector in managing accounts, owner-clients, tenants and vendors. Finding the right rental property management software goes a long way in running and growing a property management business.

Professional Rapport

Maintaining a pleasant and professional rapport with the tenants, the maintenance team, the plumbers, electricians, painters, and the owners of the rental units is an everyday commitment. Handling tenant move in and move out, handling maintenance tasks, fulfilling service requests by identifying suitable vendors, creating work orders and having the work completed as per the requirement is all part of the daily schedule for a property manager. Alongside this, he or she also has to manage accounting, rental roll, invoices, receipts, bank statements, and utility payments. It is therefore the choice of most property management professionals to invest in a top of the line rental property management software. Being professional is a top priority for Vivaresa. Try a demo of our system for free or call us at 020 3746 1500.

Enhancing Client Confidence

The owner-client is happy when his rental property is occupied, it is being maintained in good condition, the rent is regular and on time, and when issues do arise, they are dealt with promptly and effectively by the property management company he has hired. When the property becomes vacant, he requires it to be quickly advertised in the right places and a reliable tenant found. When a property lies vacant for a long duration, the owner loses money and when the rental is occupied by defaulting or unreliable parties, the return from the property is impacted. It is the job of the property manager to ensure that the rental units remain a profitable investment venture for the client. Property managers know that this complex job can be made simpler and easier by investing in solid rental property management software.

Save Money and Boost Business

The biggest factor impacting profitability is the number of people required to support the property management business. In order to control costs as the business grows, it makes better sense to invest in technology, rather than improve the number of heads. Through the software metrics can be tracked closely and analyzed at regular intervals by the manager and owner. The software for rental property management makes it possible for both owner and manager to access and discuss these metrics on a live report even if they are not in the same physical location.

Automating Activities

When you buy a dependable software for rental property management the following tasks become simple.

  • An automated diary keeps track of important dates for rent renewal and lease conclusion.
  • Debt control and reporting facility assists in rent increase and service charge returns.
  • Software supports staying compliant with laws and regulations.
  • Reduces time spent on taking notes, keeping track of transactions, and following up on payments.
  • Expense vouchers and receipts can be photographed or scanned.
  • Pictures of property and individual rentals for advertising, add notes for service jobs to tenant documents,
  • Minimizes human error from having to handle large spreadsheets.

Try the demo of Vivaresa’s system for free or call us at 020 3746 1500. Existing client confidence receives a boost and new business is attracted as potential investors value a company that takes their business to the next level with rental property management software.

Vivaresa's Rental Property Management Software Will Increase Your Revenue in No Time


  • It’s hard to say anything bad about Vivaresa’s team or their property management software. Their customer support is great and they do a pretty good job of trying to respond to all the questions that I had. The product quality is extremely good and most of the fields I needed set are actually available upon log in. Great job!

    -Brooke Page

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