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Property Rentals – An Increasingly Web-Based Market

Property Rentals – An Increasingly Web-Based Market

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If you have a property portfolio and are already renting, or if you are thinking of starting to rent and exploring your options, you will have noticed the extent to which online rentals is now a huge and crucial element of the marketplace. In fact, it is hard to imagine rentals in the pre-internet era. For holiday rentals this is even more the case – how did holidaymakers book properties before the boom in web-based holiday rentals businesses? One can hardly imagine.

With such an emphasis on web-based sales (and this is a trend that is very much still growing) property owners big and small are realizing the crucial importance of a good web presence. One way to do this is to pay for a professional website – but it’s a costly process and the demands which you will have as a property owner are very specific. Important features like integrated vacancy calendars, synchronization with your portfolio and links to tertiary services such as cleaners and payment are all musts. A bespoke website is a cumbersome and costly way of achieving this – but on the other hand, trying to build your own site using web-based software is far from ideal as well. Luckily, there is a great solution on the market. It is a very specialized area but one that is expanding as more and more portfolio holders and property owners see the benefits of it: property management software. This makes life far easier for the owners of properties whilst at the same time presenting your properties in a far more attractive – and effective – way. So, what can you expect from the property management software offered by Vivaresa?

For one thing, there is convenience for you. As a portfolio grows, it becomes an increasing challenge to manage bookings, vacancies, additional services such as cleaning and laundry, and so forth. A good piece of management software will help you as a property owner to fully integrate all of this into one easy to use system. Elements like vacancy calendars and a streamlined, integrated booking system are a must. A good built-in payment system is also crucial, especially as customers tend to want to have confidence in a website at the point of sale, and a tacky payment system can lose somebody’s custom – just as a well designed system can clinch a sale.

In just the same way, a great layout can give customers the user experience they want and give them a solid reason to choose your property over competitors. The same is true of presentation – anybody in the property business can tell you that the presentation of a property is crucial, and property management software that has been designed specifically with this in mind can give owners a great boost. These features – as well as plenty of others – can mean all the difference between a slow moving portfolio that takes up a lot of your time, and a portfolio that is booked out and requires very little of your time. Finding the right one really is one of the best steps anyone in this growing industry can take.

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